Winter Olympics 2014: Business as usual in Sochi – Russia’s gay capital


“It’s more tolerant here,” the drag queen Dolores said. “It’s a little Amsterdam in Russia, but without the excesses.”

But the arrest of more than a dozen LGBT activists in Moscow and St Petersburg on the opening day of the Olympics served as a reminder of the growing discrimination gay people face in Russia, and Sochi, which many people call the country’s “gay capital,” is no exception.

The Independent

Russian anti-gay law prompts rise in homophobic violence


Activists say Russia’s gay propaganda law has emboldened rightwing groups who use social media to “ambush” gay people, luring them to meetings and then humiliating them on camera – sometimes pouring urine on them. These groups often act against gay teenagers, several of whom told the Guardian that rising homophobia and vigilante activity force them to lead lives of secrecy.

The Guardian